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Angels, Is It a Southern Thing?


Angels, Is It a Southern Thing?

Recently I launched a new product on my site. They are gifts for a baby shower or a new mom. In case you are curious to see click here. When I sent these off to a few people as a test pilot I submitted a product sheet detailing the content. I also included a short poem -

Babies are Angels that fly to the earth,
Their wings disappear at the time of their birth
One look in their eyes and we're never the same
They're part of us now and that part has a name
That part is your heart and a bond that won't sever
Our Babies are Angels, we love them forever.

To me this didn't seem like a big deal. However, one of the women explained to me that in the Northeast parts of the states that this poem might be frowned upon. Angles don't have the same meaning there that they do in the south. I was taken back by this for a moment. She is right, not all people like angels it just seems foreign to me. So I put it to you the public! What is your take on the poem? Where are you from and would it offend you or people you know?


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