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In Just 30 Minutes! - Day 154


In Just 30 Minutes! - Day 154

Last night it only took 30 minutes for our little guy to understand that he had to stay in his "big boy bed." He must have gotten out of bed 50 times. I have to thank the Super Nanny on this one. We took her advice. The first time we said "It's time to go to bed", the second time we said "bedtime." The next 48 times we said nothing and took turns putting him in his bed. Near the end he just stood in the doorway of his bedroom. It was so hard not to laugh! He did it though. He finally passed out at 8:30pm.

Today's nap time was not so easy! It took about an hour and a half. It's ok though because I started at 10:30am. LOL - so by the time noon rolled around he was very much asleep. It's just an adjustment. His sister was here which made it a little worse. He doesn't get to visit with her very much. He sees her but usually he is leaving or she is leaving so he gets a bit emotional. He stood at the top of the stairs yelling for her, "Suuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzi!" Overall the new routine is working!

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