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Happy Mother's Day To Me - Day 245


Happy Mother's Day To Me - Day 245

This morning I did my usual routine which is go visit my gram with the baby. He loves to visit with her. My mom was off today and I knew she would be there so I knew he would be super happy!

Eventually my eldest who also lives there asked me what we were doing for Mother's Day. Normally Mother's don't plan their own Mother's day it's something that is usually up to Dad and the children. At least that is always the way we have done it in our family. I explain this to her and she says, "ok what do you want to do for Mother's Day?" I reply with, "spend it with my children, the morning, afternoon and the evening, hanging out with my kids." The look on her face made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside, I pretty much had to cut the visit short. It was pretty obvious that plan interfered with her other plans that she had for the rest of Mother's Day. After all doesn't everyone spend Mother's Day with their boyfriends? Or is it their boyfriend's mothers? I feel like I'm on some sort of Time Share program.

Of course in today's modern world I guess I tend to forget the whole etiquette of Mother's Day and how the new generations fit their boyfriends or girlfriends in. No wonder I just focus on my own Mother! It's a hell of a lot easier and I'm thankful for that. Who wants to feel like their kid has something else better they rather be doing than spending it with you on Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day To Me.


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