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Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Well how did you spend your Valentine's Day? We spent ours cleaning, running errands and finally cooking! He cooked the steaks and I cooked the side dishes. How romantic is that?

Hubby gets lots of brownie points this evening. He called his Mom to wish her a Happy Valentine's Day. He bought all of us including the kids a Valentine's Day card and chocolate. Yep, he bought his baby girl her very first Valentine's Day card. How SWEET!

My oldest son chimes in with, "Mom, Who gave me my first Valentine's Day card?" rofl - I was totally stumped! He was in tears. I had to come up with something quick while my hubby just laughed at me. Arg! I still have to make him a card. I better get on that right now.

Oh and to top off the evening our resident "Tornado Toddler" pushed the off button on my hubby's computer. Now the computer is dead. Happy Valentine's Day? lol

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