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Day 354


Day 354

This is an odd one to be thankful for but here it goes. First, if you read Budgy's Mom's journal about BK then you will get this part. I read her post just today and this evening we ended up at BK. We got home and my husband says "look honey!" And there was this heart glowing in the middle of Snoopy's chest. I nearly lost my dinner from cracking up so hard. I'm thankful for that giggle!

We went to the grocery store today and my hubby brought home one of those already cooked rotisserie chickens. The smell made me want to be sick. The smell was in the van and then it stunk up the house. Oh I'm so sensitive to smells right now. Lucky for me my dh left the chicken a little too close to the edge of the counter top. Our alpha female Tony ate the entire chicken and for that I'm thankful! LOL


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