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Day 359


Day 359

OK - I'm not 100% but I'm at least 80%. We thought we were done with the accounting until the FUTA hit and then TWC and then there were W-2's & W-3's. No, I'm not an accountant I just do the paperwork and No, I don't enjoy it but I know how to do it and it pays the bills so there it is and No, this was not my field of study. Ah the universe does have a sense of humor!

So while I was on sick leave this weekend I learned something very interesting about my role in my household. I'm the "harmony", that's right I bring the harmony in my house. While I was out of pocket my darling little boys were fighting the whole time and the toddler was so fussy and crying a lot!

Once I was able to move about the cabin (so to speak) there was peace and harmony back in my home. Who knew? I certainly didn't. I thought my little angels behaved nicely even in my absence. - LOL- WRONG!

Ah it's a great day!


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