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Day 363


Day 363

Woo Hoo! I have been cleaning blog today. Good-bye Amazon store. It's ok, I don't think anyone paid attention to the store any way. Good-bye Widget Bucks - I'm afraid that was a dead end too. Good-bye Google Ad links - Nothing came from those links. Good-bye to all the contest banners because they are all over now. Good-bye labels because I don't think anyone pays attention to those but me. They are helpful when I need to find something though.

Hello my blog rolls because they are so much fun I put them back in the side column. Hello again my communities and forums. I missed all the avatars. It's fun to see who is dropping by so I brought those back too! I now feel I'm ready for a New Year at least on my blog any way. - LOL

And there you have it a day full of cleaning blog and because I finally made the time to get it done, I'm thankful!


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