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I Can't Keep Up!


I Can't Keep Up!

Could we be reaching the terrible 2's early? I'm thinking that all signs point to yes. When did my baby become a toddler? It happened in the blink of an eye. He has speed now and it's hard to keep up. He listens to no one. He understands what you are saying but he doesn't care at all. Yes, we have actually started the baby time out for him. We put him in his playpen for a minute. Some days it works and others he couldn't care less. He makes a mess in one room and as soon as I go clean it up, he's in another room making another mess. It's just a matter of time until he figures out how to open the doors. - LOL - I've actually began to take naps when he does because I'm exhausted. I've decided to increase the vitamins and iron since my energy level is at an all time low. So please, wish me luck in keeping up with him! Lord knows I'm going to need it! Oh and from what I hear, our Manny is getting his tail kicked too! He's also going home and taking naps. - LOL - There you have it folks. We are getting our tails handed to us by a sixteen month old and he's not getting any younger.


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