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Thursday Thirteen - December WT?


Thursday Thirteen - December WT?

13 Things that make me say "What The...?"

1.) How a 9 year old gets a cell phone for Christmas.
2.) How someone can steal Christmas decorations out of your front yard.
3.) How a person can curl up on the cement in front of a liquor store on Christmas day.
4.) How a parent can get so trashed at a party they have to have the kid drive them home.
5.) Having to use the money I got as a Christmas present to pay bills.
6.) Having to go to work the day after Christmas. Can't we get an extra day to recover?
7.) How a person spends money on Christmas presents instead of paying their bills.
8.) How you can send out a Christmas card but don't get one in return.
9.) When my kid says "I don't know, it just doesn't feel like Christmas?" after opening many presents.
10.) Why it takes days to prepare the gifts and 15 minutes to rip them all open.
11.) Why are so many people packed at the mall the day before Christmas?
12.) How people find the energy to hit the after Christmas sales.
13.) How people immediately get pressured to gear up for the New Year! We just made it through Christmas! LOL


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