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Thursday Thirteen - College Prep


Thursday Thirteen - College Prep

13 Things I did to help prepare her.

1. Paid for Prep SAT testing.
2. Made sure she was in advanced classes.
3. Talked her into taking the dual credit classes in high school.
4. Helped her research dance teams at the colleges she wanted to attend.
5. Let her go with friends to tour TX A&M and paid for the gas and food.
6. Paid for gas, food and hotel accommodations to tour North Texas State with a friend.
7. Paid for gas and food and arranged overnight accommodations with my uncle to tour UT in Austin.
8. Helped her to research registration requirements and costs for dorms and tuition at each school.
9. Had her research the expense of apartments and living expenses locally.
10. Arranged an agreement with her to pay for tuition and books as long as she remained within the ABC range.
12. Paid for her living expenses based on her budget, co-signed for her apartment lease and electricity.
13. Helped her create her degree plan.

Looks like I did all but go to school for her. In case you are wondering, none of this really worked well.


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