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The Mile


The Mile

I've had weight issues since the birth of my eldest son 7 years ago. Have I really transformed my life? No, not really. At least not like in a Biggest Loser kind of way. I have stepped up the exercise over the last 7 years but have been inconsistent and so I yo-yo. I miss my old body. At 5am I started my 6th session of boot camp. I've been on an 8 week hiatus for several reasons. Point is I'm back and it starts with push ups till failure. I made it to 20 on my toes not the knees. Before you judge drop and give yourself 20 on your toes and get back with me. I think I made it to 30 on toes before my hiatus. Then we had to run the mile. I didn't have my music with me. Oh the agony because I always have a better time when I have my music. I began to jog a steady pace and all I could think of is "What are the 12 Days of Christmas?" I spent the entire mile trying to remember the song. I got to the 5th day and nothing! If you watch the Biggest Loser then you might know about the personal trainer named Bob Harper. I could hear him in my head, "You can do this all day long! You got this!" It was pretty cool. I told myself that as soon as I saw Sara (our instructor) that I was going to sprint and I did. My time 11 min 48 seconds. Before you judge go run a mile, time it and get back with me. I was at 11 minutes before my hiatus. I need new shoes and I'm putting that on my Christmas list. So I'm on my way back and I felt so good being there at 5:30am in 30 degree weather. Thank goodness!

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