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Day 27 of Thanks


Day 27 of Thanks

Today is tough to figure out what to be thankful for because it has been such a day full of pressure. I can think of several things to complain about. As I'm trying to figure out what to be thankful for I remembered the image today of me going down on one knee and opening my arms. My Super Star came running to me with arms open wide and he gave me a great big hug! Yeah, that's something to be thankful for. Oh, and then last night he and I were hanging out in our family room watching Dancing with The Stars. - LOL

He started this head bob movement with a knee bend. Clearly it was his baby version of dancing! He understands the word dance. In order to show his new moves off today to my coworkers here, I told him, "Dance!" and he did the head bob and knee bend. It was a riot! We all had a good giggle and I'm thankful for that!


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