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Tech Talk - Podcasting


Tech Talk - Podcasting

As a business owner I have been approached about different forms of marketing, podcasting being the latest. I had no idea what this was but I'd heard the term before. To break down what podcasting is, imagine having your own radio talk show! How cool would that be? All you need is a microphone, computer and internet access. I'm sure you need some simple podcasting software but this is something any one can do if they really would like to explore it. People are getting bored with the same old talk radio and there are some pretty creative alternatives out there. There is a podcast review site in Canada that has been very successful for the last three years. Now there are more review sites entering the market in the U.S. one example is Boutique
The owner of this site is Krista and she is trying her hand as a podcasting review site. The tech term for the interviewer is called podcaster. I recently had the pleasure of working with her on an interview. I have to tell you that I was really nervous. If you ever find yourself being interviewed here are some tips on what not to do!
1.) Do not go in without a script!
2.) Make sure you know what you are going to be asked so you know how to answer. (Yes, I knew what I was going to be asked.)
3.) Avoid - Um
4.) Avoid - Uh
5.) Avoid - Any unknown noises that might make you sound like you are unprepared!
If you would like to have a good giggle you take a listen here. Just click on the banner below.


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