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I'm not going to cry...


I'm not going to cry...

LOL - Tackle it Tuesday has turned into Sort it Saturday. You should see my desk it's overwhelming. There are piles and piles of papers, bills and receipts. It's just madness. I took some Non Drowsy cold medicine and you would think that I would learn by now that for me it's NOT true! I always get drowsy and there is so much to do. I need my wits about me. We were going to get a tree and decorate but NO it's raining outside and it's sooooooooo cold. Did we get wood yesterday for a fire? Of course not! Why didn't we get wood? Oh well, maybe next weekend. I have so many products that I want to review. Maybe when the medicine wears off I can get to it. Ugh! Later Gators. There is a desk that needs to be sorted.


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