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Tech Talk - Cross Comments


Tech Talk - Cross Comments

Short answer! Cross Comments and why I like them. MM's know if you have an external blog you can have your posts feed into that journal. That is a really cool feature for bloggers! Why?
Simple, we don't have to write twice and you don't have to worry about finding us. You get to read it all at once. Bloggers love comments! For real we love comments and it's that great feeling of knowing, hey someone is listening to me even if my spousal unit isn't. lol - seriously.
OK - So the cross comment feature allows MM's comments to show up on our blogs! Mine was not working at first. Here is why. I use blogger and in the settings , site feed option I put in my feedburner url into this option box.Why? I thought it needed to be there! I don't know what I'm doing. lol

If you have burned your post feed with FeedBurner, or used another service to process your feed, enter the full feed URL here. Blogger will redirect all post feed traffic to this address.

See it says right there if I have a feed url to put it there so I did. Well MM didn't like it. After many days and emails and screen shots we figured out this was my cross comment problem. Once I removed my url feed the MM comments appeared on my blog and I was happy!

If anyone knows what that little feature does let me know because after all I'm still learning. :)

There you are southernmom the explaination of cross comments.


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