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Tech Talk - Comments - Update


Tech Talk - Comments - Update

This was mentioned on Laura William's blog and I didn't understand it at first and didn't work for me when I first tried it. The second time I tried it, it worked so it makes sense to me now! One more thing I just noticed, I went to a blog that did not have their word verification option turned on. This will not work if the blogger doesn't have this option working. If you are using blogger go to your settings, click on comments, and scroll down until you see show word verification for comments, choose yes and save!

If you leave comments and you use Blogger then you really want your hyperlinked name to direct people to your blog. For example, if I am not logged into my blogger account when I leave a comment and you click on my name because I have been to your site you won't see anything. It won't even take you to my profile. I remain this mystery person. That is not my goal. I would like for people to come and see my blog too. Now if I am logged into my account when I leave a comment and you click on my hyperlinked name it will take you to my profile. Again, not what I am trying to accomplish. But if you click on my avatar which shows up on my comments when I am logged in it will take you to my blog. To avoid ALL of this nonsense and get people straight to your blog do this:
Leave your comment
put in your silly scribble scrabble (or word verification)
choose other
and put your name and user password
Now people will be directed straight to your blog! No profiles, No error messages! This is for blogger users. I don't think this problem occurs if you use typepad or other sources.


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