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Super Super Star


Super Super Star

It's about time that Manny updated his site. I'm glad because it was worth the wait. While I work frantically he gets to follow our Super Star around. He gets the best video footage. Here is one.

When I get some time I'm going to dump all the video footage I have from my camera to my computer. There has to be an easier way! A new day a new widget, and if you follow my blog you know I'm constantly trying out new things. The latest is from Cbox. This is a pretty neat little widget. You can leave me a message inside the box. We tested it out already. Oh and if you are wanting to see who has dropped by then check out the PMKU - Communities link on the right hand side bar. I'm a huge fan of avatars and wanted them to go in one place. Wish there was a MM widget. Hmmmmm

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