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This is a test - This is only a test


This is a test - This is only a test

So we have narrowed it down to the feed. It's all in the feed burner folks. This is the burning answer to the cross comment issues. Now that I know what to do and how to fix it let's see what happens when I remove it. What will it do? Obviously the cross comments will work but what will happen to all those widgets? What will happen to all those feeds I have every where? Will they explode into the black hole of the net? I'll keep you posted.

***I'm back!*** All the feeds still work the way they are suppose to and everything is updating. Well I'm still waiting for MM to catch up but other than that everything looks good. Hurray! So there you have it, I learned something new today. You can take out the feed from blogger get cross posts and all your other widgets and such will still update through feedburner. Hopefully someone else will be helped out through my trials and errors. lol


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