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Dear Santa...via email?


Dear Santa...via email?

I know what your thinking but I couldn't pass up this post. I am so curious to know what you parents think about this concept! I got this email about a free Christmas Gift Registry. Here is how this works, children tell Santa what they want for Christmas and why they should be on his "Nice List." When they do, the site sets up a secret gift registry that only their parents will know about. The registry is available for viewing by friends and family via a unique link only they have access to. Each gift registry lists all of the presents the adult or child wants to receive along with links to many online retailers, enabling quick and easy gift-giving and shipping options.
Premium options include: (This part gets me!)
Parents place children on Santa's online Naughty or Nice List for the year. Santa's Naughty and Nice List certificates commemorate a child's good or bad behavior, and are available for purchase for as little as $5.99.

(If you actually purchase something here is a code - save yourself some $)
When making a purchase, just enter the promo code "MOMSBLOG" to enjoy a 10% discount on all products sold on our partner site,, including the Santa Certificates and the Santa Yard Sign.

P.S. If you and your family don't celebrate Christmas, my apologies
So what do you think about the Dear Santa via email? Here in our little town we have the Santa's Mailbox. We write Santa the old fashioned way, snail mail. Sure we are moving to higher technology and children in kindergarten are already using computers. Is this going too far? Are we preparing them for the future? That's just one thing.

What about this Naughty List? Can you really see yourself ordering a certificate for your kid? Maybe a teenager as a joke but not a little kid, at least that is my opinion. That seems like a pretty scaring certificate to receive. lol - Weigh in! Sorry for the long post but I had to give you the entire picture!


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