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Day 7 of Thanks


Day 7 of Thanks

Today is easy to give thanks. I work with my best friend of 30 years. No we aren't really aged per se but we have known each other since we were 6. That's a long time I know, we both know! lol

Any way, right now her father-in-law and mother are at the same hospital just 6 doors away from each other. They are there for different reasons but both are very ill. In the wings we have another friend who is going to give birth any day now and when she does it will be at the same hospital. Seriously this isn't a joke.

My buddy has been dealing with this situation and away from work now for two days. I have to admit flying solo is tough! Even though I get it and I'm hoping for the best I'm truly thankful for the help she gives me when she is here.


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