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Ladies and gentleman I am finished making my rounds and my fingers hurt! There are a lot of popular blogs out there that have not been tagged or faved or added. Maybe I'm a big slacker because after doing this my list of contacts just quadrupled! My Technorati, NaBloPoMo, Blog Catalog, Blog Log, Mom Blogs and Mayas Mom groups have really grown. Oh and if you see a Panda don't be alarmed! It's a Happy Panda. :)

Why do you do this you ask? Don't you have a life? Well yes I do, but I do this because I want to support the people I visit and who visit me. We've established a relationship working or just friendship but it isn't one of those comment once and I never hear from you again situations. Oh sure I could have several blog rolls but honestly I'm only going to add what I'm going to pay attention too. My point is if you are on my page then I'm there reading your stuff and in some cases I'm listening to your music (planet mom). She has an awesome playlist! If you want to hear a variety of music you can find out how truly weird I am by going to the NaBloPoMo badge and clicking on it.

OOPS! I had a point here where is it? Oh yes, if you haven't tagged and added your people who visit you maybe you make the time. After all it is your community. :)


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