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You Don't Know Me...


You Don't Know Me...

But you will! So here I sit day after day, night after night reading blogs and side bars. I manage to work and take care of the kids and the house in between. I join communities and forums and try to participate as much as possible. Now I'm on a new quest! I want to make a difference if I can and here is how I will make my small little mark in the bloggy world. I have all my communities open and I'm logged in. I'm starting at the top of the list of the blogs that I read. I'm going to tag you and I'm going to rate you and I'm going to add you to all my favorites. I'm going to do my part and make the most use out of these widgets and badges and links that I can. I'm going to make these little communities work. And I say again, "You don't know me, but you will!" :)

Rock on bloggy buddies!
- There's Cheap Trick playing in the background here!


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