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Day 14 of Thanks


Day 14 of Thanks

Today I am thankful to women. We are our best community and support groups. I'm thankful to all the ladies who shared their photos for the baby shower. These women really put themselves out there. I'm thankful to the Maya Mommies who helped me out with the agonizing decisions that I had to make in the process of judging. I'm thankful to all the mommies who come by and read my blogs and journals and leave comments. Let me tell you why this is important. First and foremost who doesn't want to be heard? Isn't that why we connect in these forums? Isn't that why we start blogs and journals? OK - some of us would like some extra spending cash or to win a contest or two but overall we want to be heard. We write in hopes that someone out there is listening. We write in hopes that when we ask for help or need advice that someone out there will respond. And as women we do and I'm thankful for that. :)


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