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Day 13 of Thanks


Day 13 of Thanks

Today has been a very trying day. I've been working solo which has been good practice for me. I've had to help my Q get back on track with figuring out her degree plans and school schedules. In the middle of it all something strange happened to my Super Star. He had all these weird little bumps on his body. They look like little bites or some sort of allergic reaction. He has had a trying year! Read the full report here. There you have it, in the middle of my day I had to take him to see Dr. Azim. He is who I am thankful for today! He's so great with us both and he just loves our Super Star's cheeks! He checked him over but had no answers for me but I still felt better. At 15 months old he weighs a whopping 27 lbs. 6 oz. He seems to be doing better now. This little skin issue hasn't slowed him down at all today. Thank you Dr. Azim for putting my mind at ease and taking care of my baby.


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