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Burning My Bras?


Burning My Bras?

No not really. I'm just going to throw them away. A while back I was watching Joel and he was talking about dressing for success. I don't do this because I didn't see the point. Where am I going? Post office, Wally World, H.E.B, WAMU...what's the point? Lately I've started to take this to heart. I've worked out like mad and just got back into a nice pair of jeans. I knew that I had needed some new under garments for a while so I thought I would go for it. After all if you are going to dress for success you might as well begin underneath right? And there I was at Wally World and I just guessed at my size (went smaller) and the baby was getting fussy and I just started throwing boxes in the cart. Yes, bras in a box! Whatever, any way I got home and tried them all on. Why didn't any of my friends tell me? Geez, you need something new to hold those girls up! Why? It made such a difference in my appearance. I didn't realize it. I hadn't done this in probably almost 2 years? Any hoo if you are wondering - the brand is Just My Size and all of them rock. I went for the Minimizer (yes bustline reduction), Magic Ring (support & lift comfort), Active (tagless & moisture control), Satin (silky softness), Lift & Support (cool cotton stretch). I know they are random but that is shopping with a fussy toddler trying to crawl out of the basket. I threw all of my old ones in the trash! I'm super happy about that oh and yes the underwear. I had to go for it! Hanes of course tagless, boy briefs and bikini another size smaller. Woot! They have some sort of new waist band I forget the marketing term. All I know is I feel pretty good ladies! I'm always the last on the list but it's time to REBEL!


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