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Champion Pulley Sports Casual


Champion Pulley Sports Casual

I've had the hardest time finding shoes that actually fit my Super Star. He has this wide foot and he doesn't like shoes at all. I'm afraid I have raised him without shoes. The other two I put shoes on them all the time. Do you think that might explain why the eldest one took her senior photos with all those shoes? Back to my review - I tried those standard baby shoes that support around the ankles. He didn't like those at all and would cry when I put them on him. His heel wouldn't fit right in the shoe. We took off to Payless determined to find some shoes. We found these Champion Pully Sport Casual shoes. They fit him perfectly and he toddled around the store pretty pleased with them. I thought it was a good match with the velcro as an easy on and off feature. Little by little each time he wore them one of the shoes would come off. Two days ago we went to the park and I spent the entire time putting his shoes on. He would take off running or climbing and sure enough one of those shoes would be left behind. It's in the velcro folks! It just doesn't hold. I don't recommend these shoes because frankly they can't handle the activity of a busy toddler. And so I will continue my search for the perfect pair of shoes!


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