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Tech Talk - Widgets


Tech Talk - Widgets

OK Mommies this is a little post I like to refer to as tech talk. I've been asked a few questions and I would like to explain them as simply as I can. If anyone else has cents to throw in please comment and I will post it. Let's break it down here.
What is a widget? It's a program/code written to describe what a particular widget looks like, how it behaves, and how it interacts in response to user actions. Here is example of a widget. I like there are lots of neat programs there. I found a cat and his name is Maukie. He's a widget. To break it down this widget looks like a cat, it behaves like a cat and interacts with the you by playing around with your mouse. Roll your mouse pointer over him and watch what he does. There you go folks, a widget.


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