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Day 16 of Thanks


Day 16 of Thanks

Thankful that it's Friday! Heck yes - oh there is lots to be thankful for today. Here's my quick list.
1.) I'm wearing new pj's - some of you have read my burning bras post. This is my follow up! A size smaller and the realization it's been 2 years since I've bought pj's for myself. They are super cute. Royal blue with snowflakes. :)
2.) I'm thankful for New York! Apparently that is where many Happy Pandas are located. The last few orders I've received have all been from New York. I thought we were growing them big in Texas. What do I know!
3.) I'm thankful that the kids are already in bed and my dh and I are about to head upstairs and watch The Sopranos. Woo Hoo! If you followed my previous TT you saw my gangster movie list.
4.) I'm thankful that I know it's time to go and relax and that my bloggy buddies will understand that I will catch up with them tomorrow. I've got to go watch someone else's problems for a while. lol
5.) I'm thankful that Wonders asked me what a widget was because since I created the Tech Talk - Widget post I've been playing with that cat! It cracks me up the way it paws at my mouse. It's a hoot and thank you to the creator of that little widget that has made me giggle.


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