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Just in Case.....


Just in Case.....

If you find that your toddler has gotten a hold of some charcoal and has eaten it. Don't panic! Why? Because mine just did and I panicked. I quickly removed the charcoal from his mouth and immediately gave him milk! The last time he ate toothpaste and vomited this is what we were told to do. I figured I would try this while trying to figure out what to do. First I ask my MM's, search google and call poison control. By the way if you have a poison emergency call 1-800-222-1222. The very nice lady at the center said it's non toxic (thank you God!) and the most that could happen is diarrhea. Ewww!

So how did he get a hold of the charcoal you might ask? That's a great question. The boys went out in the backyard hunting sticks. They were pretty quiet! That's what I get for trying to multi-task. They came back in and I saw this black slobber. He must have gotten it off the porch because there was a little bit left over from a bag that is no longer out there. It's dark outside so the eldest son couldn't have seen it. Just another adventure in this busy house.


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