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Thursday Thirteen


Thursday Thirteen

13 reasons why I am glad Thanksgiving is over!

1.) My dh will go back to work.
2.) My kids will go back to school.
3.) I no longer have to stress out about going to someone else's home.
4.) I'm not a fan of turkey.
5.) I don't have to worry about visiting with people I don't know.
6.) The stores will be open again.
7.) I don't have to listen to football games so loudly I can't hear anyone else speak!
8.) We don't have to eat turkey for left overs.
9.) We can get our Christmas tree and begin to decorate.
10.) I can begin to mentally prepare for Christmas.
11.) We can start listening to Christmas music.
12.) We get to have Christmas at home.
13.) My daughter is going to sleep over on Christmas Eve!


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