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Tech Talk - RSS, Feeds


Tech Talk - RSS, Feeds

Simple explanation for RSS, XML or Atom: if you see these links on a web page it means that you can get updates to that site without having to visit that site in your browser. There is the standard symbol for this are you ready? Here it is.
You can add that little symbol to your toolbar. For example you will see that symbol on my blog. If you upload it to your toolbar then you can find out what my latest blog posts are without actually visiting my site. It's multi-tasking at it's finest.
Actually it gets better than this and here is how. What if you don't always remember to check your toolbar? I'm guilty of this all the time. You can actually sign up to get the RSS feeds sent to your email. I do this with all the bloggers I keep up with because I know I'm going to forget! If you go to my site you will see a box requesting your email address if you would like to receive my feed via email.
How does this work? Easy! If you have a blog you can sign up to feedburner or feedblitz which is a free third party service that will track who is subscribing to your feed. They both have the email option. They give you a code that you can place on your blog that gives your readers the option to be notified via email aka subscribe. They have a lot more tools than that but there you have it southernmom the quick definition of a feed.
If you would like to see a feed in action and inside a widget cause you know I love my widgets! Click here and you will see them both in action at the same time.
Super Cool Example Right Here!


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