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Winter Oreo


Winter Oreo

Now that everything has made it to the left side of my desk I had to take a break to tell you about the new Winter Oreo's package. I pick up Oreo's for the kids when they have seasonal packages. I'm sucker for the red or green Christmas time filling and Easter with the pastel colored filling. Yes, I take a few for myself, what parent doesn't snack on their kids goodies? I want to tell you about this packaging that they have now. It's an easy open pull tab on the top! It doesn't show it on this photo here which is a crying shame but if you get a hold of one of these packages your in trouble. On each side of the package where you would normally open it there are stop signs on both sides. It says Open with Pull Tab on Top! I think they had someone like me in mind when they created this packaging. lol - I hate the old package because you couldn't keep your cookies fresh and the paper would rip and I would end up putting them in a freezer bag. I would pretty much be done with the cookies. Now, I'm in trouble because I can take a few and pull the seal back down and that's it, super easy, no fuss, no mess. If you are a closet Oreo snacker then you are in for a real treat!


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