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Day 25 of Thanks


Day 25 of Thanks

When 30 days is over it sure is going to be strange. What ever will those of us do who are participating? That was just a side note. OK - Today I'm thankful for music. As a recap I'm very behind. My coworker's family got sick and I just worked alone for nearly 2 weeks. She's now back to work but we are still 2 weeks behind. I'm playing catch up. Yes, I'm one of those people that worked on Thanksgiving. Crazy, I know but here it is, I'm thankful for music! Yes, it can speed me up or slow me down. I have many songs downloaded on my NaBloPoMo page. If you click on my badge there in the right hand column it will take you to my off the wall music selection. I have the code for the player but I don't know if it will work here. Let's see if it does...

Oh how cool is that? It does work! There it is folks I'm thankful to music and how it inspires me to keep going. Good night all. I will be blog hopping soon but work sort of pays the bills. LOL


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