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Day 26 of Thanks


Day 26 of Thanks

When my Q moved out we turned her room into the "Family Room." I'm in it right now and the internet connection is so poor! This room went from hot pink to a cool green. She picked out the color. We bought new carpet for the room and moved about 9 book shelves up here. We also moved the big screen tv and have a home theater system. We splurged on this room. My dh even stained the trim for the baseboards. It's a whole new room and I'm thankful for it. I can relax in here. No dogs are allowed in this room and there are minimal toys in here. We have a reclining love seat and lots of throw blankets.
The television has been very disturbing this evening. Nancy Grace had the story about baby Grace and it really make me sick to my stomach and yes I even cried a bit. It's just too sad for words. Then I caught a bit of My Sweet 16. What is this? I cannot fathom that kind of event for any of my children. It's out of control which I guess is the point. My IQ is lowering even further as I catch this show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. A new spin on the bisexual bachelorette. It's all MTV and I'm just sad because yes I was one of those children that grew up with MTV. I remember the very first video on MTV. It was Video Killed The Radio Star and it opened up a whole new world - Music Television. Ah good times! But now there is so much change that I just can't keep up and I really don't want to. Now there is a show on called Parental Control. The boyfriend is always so disrespectful to the parents. It kills me! Then again it has to be scripted because no father in their right mind would allow this! No way.....
But even with all the tv weirdness I still have this wonderful room to chill in and I'm thankful for that! LOL


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