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Thursday Thirteen


Thursday Thirteen

13 Things My Toddler Understands

1.) Dance (bobs head and bends knees)
2.) Put it back
3.) Close it (closes cabinet or drawer)
4.) Let's take a bath (runs to the bathtub)
5.) Brush your teeth (climbs upstairs to the bathroom)
6.) Night, Night (puts head on my shoulder)
7.) Let's go bye-bye (runs for door)
8.) Say Hello (puts phone up to his ear)
9.) Give me a hug (runs full blast with arms open wide)
10.) Give me a kiss (presses his check to my lips)
11.) Let's put your shoes on (sits on steps of staircase so I can put them on)
12.) Time to eat (runs to high chair)
13.) Milk? (signs for milk by squeezing his hands to say yes)


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