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My Feet!


My Feet!

No it's not from boot camp. Even better it's from standing around for 6 hours at the ER today. Something called shigella is making its way around the schools. A note was sent home last week about it and over the weekend our 7 year old came down with some serious illness. I won't go into the gory details but it was enough to take him to the ER. Since shigella is contagious they checked out the baby too. We won't know exactly what it is for 48 hours. They ended up doing an ultra sound on the baby which involved me pinning his arms and another nurse holding his legs. He finally passed out from exhaustion because he was crying so much. Of course the tech isn't going to tell me what she sees. Instead she goes to get the doctor and considering he has had intestinal surgery before I start to panic inside. All I can think is if they have to cut him open I'm going to lose it. My dh is in Florida, my daughter is in the ER with our other son, and here I sit waiting to hear the results. I don't know how much time had passed but it felt like a half hour, just long enough to get my mind racing before the doctor showed up. He's fine, thank you God! Our other son is being treated and trying to rest. My poor daughter spent the entire day helping us and she has finals this evening and missed work. Me, I'm just dazed with all of the madness that occurred today. My dh is on a plane home. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully a little normalcy. Lysol is my best friend! I'm so sick of laundry but it must be done. All the bedding in the house is being washed and anything that can be touched has been sprayed with Lysol. Right now, I just want a freakin piece of chocolate.

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