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Boot Camp Day 2


Boot Camp Day 2

What I learned already this morning-

Today wasn't pretty! It was so warm and cozy under the covers in my bed. I talked myself into getting up and out the door. My body aches. We had to do the buddy run, squats, patty cake planks, wall sits, walking lunges and lots more. The whole time I kept thinking to myself - (warning: negativity coming!) how did you let yourself get like this? If you were in shape you wouldn't have to be here at 5am. Why didn't you watch what you ate? Stop eating fast food and cook at home. Why must I jiggle? This is so wrong.

I made it through today and starting is the hardest part. Once you create a new routine your ok! My dh is throwing me off. He is going out of town which means I either miss tomorrow and make it up next week - BAD! or Call my Q for a sleep over so that someone is with the little people in the morning. I'm going for the sleep over.

My very first time at boot camp I went 5 days a week. This was good and bad. Good because it started a routine but bad because my body never got to heal. I was sore the entire time. By the third time I signed up I dropped to 3 days a week. This works better for me but then again it's easy to say, "I'll just make it up the next day!" I don't think I really started losing any inches from my body till my 3rd or 4th session. I tried cutting out bread or at least cutting back. That helped a lot!

Till tomorrow..........

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