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Thank Goodness for The Little People


Thank Goodness for The Little People

I've been fighting the blues with everything I have. I've taken great measures to help me cope with the undeniable karma that has come my way. But alas, my boys! I snap in and out of it. My mind wonders and then he starts to sing Christmas carols. He has counted his presents and written his letter to Santa. He has grocery shopped and there will be an orange and ginger bread cookies put out for Santa. There will be carrots and special reindeer food. We didn't see Santa this year. I thought we were going to get away with it until yesterday! He said, "I want to see Santa!" We made the dreaded trip and got in this mile long line and a young lady approached our family. She said, "Santa has to go feed his reindeer now and won't be back until 6pm." It was 4:30pm. My dh bribed him into leaving with a lego set. What??? He never bribed before but today he broke. -LOL
Lucky for us Santa was going to be there at 8am sharp the next morning. We had a new plan! There was hope and we would be there at 8am to talk to Santa. As an added bonus this would be the baby's first photo with Santa. This should be fun! Something horrible happened! Our son was up at 4:30am trying to put the rest of the Lego set together. He had all the lights on in the house. My dh started yelling and woke the baby. It would be another hour before we were all asleep again. Needless to say we didn't leave the house till 8am. No worries, we got there, the line moved pretty fast and our little guy got to tell Santa exactly what he wanted! We all sighed with relief. The baby - well he wasn't sure what to make of Santa. He didn't seem to be all that impressed but he was tolerant long enough to snap the famous photo with Santa picture. So this is a lesson to us, get the photo long before Christmas Eve.


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