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Day 365


Day 365

I've been invited to join the group and blog for 365 days. Although there isn't any requests for the days of thanks I think that is how I will conduct this section of my blog. I think the thirty days of thanks kept me focused on the positive. Honestly, after it was over and December came it was like this funnel cloud began to form and the storms began. This was a very unpleasant month this year when it was clearly suppose to be a time of joy and Christmas cheer. It was hard to muster the joy!

Here is the 1st day! Today I made breakfast and it was so yummy. Eggs and bacon, simple but good. I got to take two naps today and I took my vitamins. That doesn't sound like much but I'm always talking about taking care of my body rather than acting on it! -LOL - I made a brisket for dinner and we went for an evening drive and picked up some chocolate chip blizzards from DQ on the way home. I got a small as to stay in the take care of my body mode - LOL. I'd say that's a pretty positive evening. :)


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