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Day 360


Day 360

Fever is gone! I'm still recovering. The house is destroyed and the children are now trying to take over. They seem to think they are in charge. My dh can only take care of the children. I have to basically fend for myself when I'm ill. I was spoiled by my Mom on Friday evening and Saturday morning. She would bring me my medicine and make me soup and bring me water and it was wonderful. My Gram folded our laundry and one of them changed out the laundry and did dishes.

I have to give my dh credit because he did get me something to eat last night. He left me with the children in order to do it but I guess that is a small price to pay in order to eat. Geez.

This is the last day to recover before Monday kicks in! I'm not at top speed but I have to get there pretty quick because the world isn't going to stop and wait for me. :)
I'm just glad that I'm feeling better.


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