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Day 362


Day 362

Today has been such a terrible day of illness. I feel like I'm on a boat with a hangover. I'm sick and that is the only way to describe it. No, I didn't drink or anything this just came on at 1am and it hasn't let me go. Advil isn't touching it. The Manny and I believe that maybe it is partly due to the lack of caffeine. I haven't had my usual 2 cups of coffee.

I am thankful for our Manny. I had to call it a short work day that is how sick I am. I can't properly function. I can't chase my little one around. Thank God our Manny was here to watch over the children because I'm not up to it. Unfortunately his day ended and my dh is still out of town. I tried to call reinforcements but they either have plans or won't pick up the phone. I'm praying to God that I can survive till bedtime. Wish me luck!


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