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Thursday Thirteen - Weird Things


Thursday Thirteen - Weird Things

Odd things that are occurring just because of my current condition.

1. I'm making full coarse meals in the middle of the afternoon.
2. Today I included dessert!
3. I'm having paranormal dreams.
4. I don't want beef jerky. (I normally love the stuff!)
5. My body temperature is out of whack.
6. My new best friend is Canada Dry.
7. I'm loving Cheetos!
8. On the weekends I take 3 naps in a day and still go to bed early.
9. I'm getting headaches very easily.
10. I'm not sure how to tell my family, so I haven't told them.
11. I can't remember anything!
12. I bought lots of different cereals???
13. I'm organizing around the house.


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