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Day 302


Day 302

Today I was caught up enough to go do some blog hopping! It was great to go and visit all the blogs that are out there. It was really nice to go visit all the people who were nice enough to drop in on my company blog to say thank you!

But more importantly I was invited to an even more special party today. It was The Reading Cafe at my son's school. It was so cute. They all made their own aprons and menus. They had table clothes on their little desks. We had to choose books to read from the appetizers, en tree and dessert sections of their menus. We sat in little chairs beside them to hear them read. My dh and I both were able to attend. I'm glad too because some kids didn't have anyone who could make it so we were happy to step in. They all did such a great job reading. It was a great party and the highlight of my day. Lots to be thanksful for and hey this is turning out to be a really good week so far.


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