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Thursday Thirteen #22 - Learning Overload


Thursday Thirteen #22 - Learning Overload

In the past couple of days something crazy has happened. I've been bombarded with new things. I'm a big fan of online gadgets and stuff so I'm going to share them with you and some other things I've come across this week. This picture just describes how I feel.

1.) Super cool online radio station. 103.7 FM Jack

2.) An online radio that changes based on your taste in music.

3.) A "Ladies Only" web site called Posh Mama.

4.) A new slide show that I created in photo bucket. This was fun!

5.) Just got an idea for a contest for my new design. Is Your Baby Fierce?

6.) I'm currently working on a new online event. The latest Cyber Baby Shower.

7.) Found a cute book at the library called Teaching Your Baby to Sign by Lora Heller. It's great because my Super Star understands the pictures in the book since he knows most of the signs that are in it.

8.) I need to handle each piece of paper that comes in the mail or ends up in my purse to avoid the laundry basket fiasco.

9.) I met up with a great group of Texas Bloggers! Woo Hoo. I'm not proud of being a Native Texan or anything. LOL

10.) I had a great opportunity to donate to two charities this week.

11.) Point of Sale is not my friend.

12.) Do not leave cookie dough in the fridge. It is important to bake the cookies right away or my dh will eat all the dough.

13.) I can delay gratification because my new digital camera is still sitting in the box unopened.


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