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Day 293


Day 293

I'm going to have to go into hiding until I make it through that basket full of papers that complicate my life. Don't think I'm ignoring you bloggy world! I just have to take care of my business or bad things will happen. For now let's talk about the good!

Today we had a Sonic picnic out in the front yard while the cleaning crew was here. That was so fun to sit outside in the sunshine with the boys. I need to do that more often. I'm trying to organize a little bit of the elephant at a time. My son and I tackled the top of one of his dresser today. That was a good feeling. I'm eating my favorite Ferrara Pan Lemon Heads candy!!! They are so bitter and so good at the same time. LOLOL - Good times. Tomorrow is my 10th year wedding anniversary. Wonder what we are going to do. You know I'm going to blog about it. C ya'


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