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Strawberry Jelly?


Strawberry Jelly?

Another day another food allergy. OK - If anyone has experience with food allergies you have to come and clue me in on how to go about this issue with my Super Star! First it was peanut butter or (get this) ORGANIC peanut butter. He broke out in a rash all over his body and threw up. We rushed him to the ER. We are now armed with EpiPens and Benadryl. Anything with tomato sauce makes his skin break out and it just burns his skin. It's horrible.

Today we went to eat breakfast at my grams. She made the usual eggs and juice and toast. The one thing that was different was the peach jelly she put on the toast. He started throwing up and of course I was holding him so it was all over my clothes and oozed into my shoes! Yeah, gross! He broke out in a rash around his mouth. Of course his diaper bag was taken out of the car and left at home for some crazy reason! My daughter was kind enough to ride home with me so we could medicate him immediately!

So what could be in the peach jelly? How do I go about investigating this stuff? Do I take him to an allergy specialist? Do they have tests that can tell me exactly what to avoid?? My ears are open!!!


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