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Thursday Thirteen #20 - Reality TV


Thursday Thirteen #20 - Reality TV

Yes, every now and then when I get a chance to watch TV because I no longer care to think I find myself flipping through the following shows. Here are a few shows that catch my attention for some reason or another.
1.) Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant - Fascinated because he appears to be so self absorbed. I have to admit watching him become a father is neat to watch. Who knew a new dad could have so much anxiety! It's neat to see the flip side. Oh and he and my middle brother could be twins! It's kinda creepy.

2.) Millionaire Match Maker - Yes, I'm hooked. I think it is so cool to watch. I love to hear how the Millionaires made their millions. Of course I do believe that if you focus on that aspect in your life it isn't any wonder that you might still be alone.

3.) Rock of Love - Good Lord I know, it's like watching a train wreck! What these women are willing to do just blows me away. I'm not even a fan of his. It's just silly!

4.) The Biggest Loser - Completely hooked! I make time to watch this show. I love it. I enjoy seeing the challenges and seeing the changes. I have a lot of admiration for people who can really focus on themselves to make a big change like that.

5.) My Fair Brady - Another train wreck! Most of the time I have to turn the channel. I'm blown away by their issues. She looks classy but acts just terrible. Don't get me started. It's sort of sad to see someone that pretty act so poorly. It's kind of weird seeing "Peter Brady" as a grown up! A pretty messed up one too.

6.) Gene Simmons Family Jewels - I'm sorry but that show cracks me up. I've been a Kiss fan for as long as I can remember. I grew up with two older brothers and they were a huge part of my childhood. I never thought they were devil worshipers of anything silly like that. They are a rock n' roll group with a gimmick, simple as that. To see Gene as a father and business man and someone who adores his mother and his dog Snippy is just simple mindless entertainment. But I do wish he would have married Shannon.

7.) The Big Give - This is a pretty interesting twist. It's sort of like The Apprentice with a spin. It's sort of strange to see people sent home because they didn't give enough.

8.) Extreme Home Makeover - Love to watch the families that they help. Who doesn't like the demolition part! Then to see all the changes that they make is just amazing. It's a great way to get new decorating ideas.

9.) Make Me A Super Model - That show has got me! I think it's because of Perry and Shannon and their dislike for each other. But Perry and Ben and Ronnie what craziness. It's a fun show!

10.) American's Next Top Model - The extremes of trying to become the latest Cover Girl. I have to wonder if the modeling thing is really that difficult. They certainly portray it as a challenging skill. Maybe so!

11.) Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew - I can't watch this for too long. It's just too sad.

12.) Project Runway - How could I not list this one. What amazing stuff these designers can do in such a short amount of time. I have to admit that Christian is just a powerful personality. He's fierce! LOLOL

13.) Real Housewives - The latest are the New York housewives and I HATE it! Orange County was at least entertaining and the personalities were a little more believable. The New York ladies are just not working for me at all! Can't stand any of them. But I love New York! Really I do!!!


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