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Cindy Lynn Speer


Cindy Lynn Speer

While blog hopping I ran into this party post. Reply with a link or an actual picture of a secret crush you have, male or female, and include a noun, a verb, and something you love. Cindy will create a story just for you! I tried it and here are more choices and my story! I loved it so much I had to share.
Crush: Julian McMahon
Noun: Phone
Verb: Running
Love: Big Red

I’ve never seen him before! He’s neat!

Hmm. Good words…let’s see!

She knelt, one knee on the pavement, while she fiddled with her shoe laces, pretending to tighten them. She waited until he went running past her, then switched to the other foot, repeating the process, forcing herself to wait. Then she jumped up and followed him, jogging after him. Yesterday, she’d lost him in a Baby Store, of all things, and she wasn’t going to repeat the mistake today.

She followed him to the end of the trail, then dog legged around, so that she would make it back to the cars before he did, but still be able to look over her shoulder and see him. It was a fake version of the two person tail…hopefully, if he suspected that she was following him, he would dismiss it, or start looking to see if he could locate someone following him.

She made it back to the cars well before he did, and got in, scooting down. She angled her mirrors to give her the best view, and watched him wander up to the car, grabbing a water bottle out and drinking deep. It’s really a pity that he’s so good looking, she thought with a mental sigh. Finally he left, and she started her own car, merging in with the traffic of the city street.

She tailed him to a convenience store. By then she’s managed to wriggle out of her shorts and tee, and was now wearing jeans and a button down shirt, her hair neatly pulled back. She wandered up to the counter, double checked. Yep, he was here, picking up milk and bread and a lottery ticket. She grabbed a pack of Big Red, paid, and went back out, waiting for him to come back out of the store.

Her cell phone rang, and she grabbed it. “Hello?” She didn’t take her eyes from the store front. She knew from before that the store didn’t have a back door…some kind of code violation, doubtless, but at least it was helping her now.

“How long have you been tracking me?”

“Since about 4:00 am,” she admitted. He came out the front door, leaned against the wall. He grinned and waved at her.

He really has no business being that good looking.

“Congratulations. You did a better job than most of your colleagues…welcome to the team.”


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