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Day 301


Day 301

What a crazy day! I've got both boys sick with different things at the same time. Thank you sir may I have another! No I haven't lost my mind yet. I'm still hanging in there. So the bright spots of today....let's see....

More comments from the blog party posted on all my sites. I'm really happy to see so many people blog hopping. It's really very cool and there are only 2 days left till I begin drawing prizes. That's going to be fun.

I finally got to post all the new product images to my online store. I'm very happy about that! We have already started working on the latest designs that reside within my mind. That's so much fun. There is nothing like taking what is in your head and turning it into a reality! A special thank you to Matthew Johnson with Seventhfury Designs for making that possible for me.


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