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Day 296


Day 296

It's over!!!!! All the coding and prize drawing is over and oh am I thankful for that. Nearly 1400 comments to match up with 215 prizes. It was like playing Santa Claus without having a list of who wanted what. I hope I did ok! Yes, my dh is super upset with me since it took me 4 days. What he doesn't know is that this party really started in January! My house is super bad, there are papers every where!!! But it's ok because it's all over and I feel well worth it. Yes, my hands hurt!!! They hurt a lot in fact but again well worth it I think. Someone asked me why did I bother with helping. Simple, I enjoy working with the twins, I enjoy learning something new (which was coding), I work pretty quickly so it is fairly easy, but more importantly there are about 1500 people out there that now know about my little baby line that didn't know before and I'm thankful for that too!


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